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How To Declutter Home Renovation Preparing for Bin Rental Clutter - What to Know

What You Need to Know About Clutter

How does Clutter affect your household?

Has your less than organized home ever frustrate or overwhelm you? This overwhelming sensation is commonly brought on by clutter. A cluttered household is something all homeowners try to avoid but often feels inevitable. It can actually affect your mental health.

Clutter typically happens over an extended period of time when you continually collect items; whether it is a new piece of exercise equipment, unwarranted furniture or several extra wardrobes. Often, it's not the collection of items that triggers the issue but the inability to relinquish those items when their expiration arrives. Whether we convince ourselves we'll start using that exercise equipment again or we cling to items with sentimental value, theinability to get rid of the clutter is really the root of the problem.

Bin There Dump That: The Statistics of Clutter from Bin There Dump That

The effects of clutter can be significant to your wallet, stress and motivational levels. Did you know that more than one-third of readers of an online poll conducted by About.com avoid going home because of the overwhelming mess that awaits them? 1/11 American households rents a self-storage unit and spend $10,000/year in rent on that unit. It's also $10/sqft to store items in your home.

Conversely, you can eliminate 40% of house work in the average home by removing clutter. You will save additional time not continually search for lost items considering that we spend an accumulated full calendar year of our lives looking for lost items.

If you're ready to get rid of the clutter in your household, let us help you with a bin rental today!

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